Are business still blinded by the brand?

Is big ever better? Or is convenient really a mask for corporate laziness and ineptitude? Today’s convenience culture is endemic – and it has spread to the business arena. It all seems so straightforward: the ‘one stop shop’ providing an ever expanding, glittering array of services under one roof. Scott Nursten, Managing Director of s2s Limited questions whether businesses are actually getting value from these big organisations or are they suffering from brand blindness?

The big brand appeal is compelling, with many of the largest names in the IT and Telecommunications industries appearing to offer every service under one roof. Yet, in fact, there is no substance behind the brand promise. What appears to be one organisation is in fact made up of many different companies that have been purchased and amalgamated. They are run from separate offices with separate management and very often, different cultures and different approaches to what constitutes service quality.

IT Directors/Managers may strive to make their lives as easy as possible by sourcing everything from one provider, but does this strategy represent best value and best quality? A big brand may seem the safe option but can a do-it-all organisation ever deliver the agile, focused service of a specialist organisation; and can it do it without the typical extortionate mark up?

With increasing proportions of the budget being turned over to the big brand generalist, isn’t it time for business decision makers to ask why IT is unwilling or unable to exploit the skills of the lower cost specialist?