Are business still blinded by the brand? Inexorable Trend

Or is it all too difficult in the face of board level challenges to IT spend and demands for quantifiable Return on Investment? Opting to hand over a massive chunk of the budget to a big name brand may provide the necessary board level reassurance. Is it simply easier to transfer responsibility to what appears to be one organisation despite the reality and despite the x% additional cost?

Realistically, perhaps the relentless trend towards the all encompassing single brand is inevitable. Maybe, over time, these organisations will even begin to streamline processes and start to deliver the responsive, relevant services customers demand.

Or maybe not. Any board looking for value from its IT spend should look hard at the cost of the big brand organisations; they simply cannot offer value for money over independent specialist companies. And IT Managers blithely paying over the odds for these services should be required to justify their actions: the big brand strategy is not delivering business value; it simply demonstrates a lack of drive, commitment and desire to support business growth. So just how much is brand blindness costing your organisation?


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