BRICKS announces the launch of the BRICKS Developer Community

The BRICKS Project - Building Resources for Integrated Cultural Knowledge Services - researches and implements advanced open source software solutions for the sharing and the exploitation of digital cultural resources.

The BRICKS Community is a worldwide federation of cultural heritage institutions, research organisations, technological providers, and other players in the field of digital libraries services. The Community orientates and validates the project results, and co-operates towards the creation of the BRICKS Cultural Heritage Network that will provide access to and foster the European digital memory. BRICKS is an open-source software framework for building distributed Digital Library Management Systems. The BRICKS Foundation Software is licensed under the LGPL license.

The BRICKS Developer Community is the new tool for increasing the collaboration with the open source community developers, providing access to documentation, releases, source-code, FAQs and tips, for getting the best out of the BRICKS results. The work of the BRICKS Consortium is partially founded by the European Commission under the Sixth Framework Programme.


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