Get your default router passwords here

Chatting with a fellow tech journalist at the Channel Expo event at the labyrithine Birmingham NEC last week, I was surprised to hear him say he'd stopped his subscription to BT Openzone, the public access WiFi network.

The reason, he said, was the growing availability of free-to-access WiFi services across the UK, many of which are being provided unwittingly by WiFi-enabled broadband router users.

As I've reported previously, there is a danger in using these free WiFi services, as you could be unwittingly turning over your data to a clever hacker.

However, for basic Web surfing and routine email access, especially if you're using an SSL-enabled connection, there is an argument in favour of using such services.

And if you really want to have some phun, I'm told you can surf on over to to download a download list of all the default passwords for most routers.

According to a colleague at NetCommunities Towers, where this security wire emanates from, this is scary stuff.

Scary, but v-v-very useful, if you get my drift....