BWCS Launches Podcasts of Telco Network Outsourcing

With an increasing number of telecommunications operators looking seriously at outsourcing their network operations, UK consulting firm BWCS has launched an occasional series of podcasts which explore this issue in more detail. In the first episode, Graham Wilde, CEO of BWCS, discusses the broad drivers and benefits of outsourcing with Malcolm Nicholls, Engagement Director, Managed Services Team, at Networks, Nokia.

Among the topics discussed in episode one are:

- Why has outsourcing recently become a hot topic in the telco community?

- How do telcos make the most of the outsourcing opportunity?

- How should telcos figure out processes to outsource?

- What is to stop telcos from executing key changes themselves, and therefore not outsourcing at all?

- What are the main key steps in procuring outsourcing?

Commenting on the launch of the podcast service, Graham Wilde said, "Outsourcing is a large and fundamental change for any business. We are aiming to talk to the people who are driving this industry change at a number of levels, and find out what is behind it, and the implications for network operators. I am delighted that Malcolm Nicholls was our first guest, and I believe that many people will find Malcolm's considered opinions very enlightening."

BWCS podcasts are free of charge, and can be downloaded from