Apple TV hacking - it's too easy

Reports are circulating on several Apple forums that Apple has included far too many hidden features on its Apple TV wireless media device - which sells for around 200 UK notes - for it to be an oversight.

As previously reported, the Apple TV connects to a host PC using a wireless connection and allows iTunes videos and music to be played on a regular TV.

Also as previously reported, some enterprising hackers have increased the storage on the machines, added a keyboard and unpicked the version of the Mac's operating system to produce an Apple Mac for peanuts.

Some peeps are now saying that the inclusion of hidden and `hackable' features on the Apple TV is deliberate, as Apple is planning to release a series of plug-in enhancements to the machine.

Apple remains schtum on the issue, but there is, as they say, no smoke without fire. It's also great fun to mess around with the Apple TV, I'm told, as the results are well worth the time and effort...