Trojans and Keyloggers; A real threat - Part 1

Mail attachments and web links remain very popular amongst criminals, enticing users to click to gain access to something appealing or illicit whilst silently installing Trojan software on their computer. Once installed, this software can capture every keystroke and mouse click, and even take screen shots, then quietly mail everything to the attacker somewhere else in the organisation or even in another country.

Staff using laptops away from the office are a particular threat, since the opportunities for them to be infected with Trojan software, keyloggers and other malware are much greater than within the corporate environment. Where staff are permitted to use a home wireless network to access the Internet or head office networks, attackers may target an individual at home and use the unsecured wireless connection to sniff traffic or plant malicious software.

This blog post is an excerpt of an opinion piece called “Identity Theft in The Corporate World” written by Peter Wood from First Base Technologies. You can find more about this security outfit at


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