Ohio State University hit by hackers

Interesting story over the weekend from the Ohio State University in the US, where a hacker is reported to have broken into the Uni computer system a couple of weekends ago.

During the unauthorised access, the hacker downloaded the names, Social Security numbers, employee ID numbers and birth dates of more than 14,000 current and former faculty and staff members.

Ohio State has apologised in letters sent out over the weekend to the staff members and students whose information was stolen.

Affected staff and ex-staff will be offered a year's free credit protection from a private company to help them guard against the criminal misuse of their identities, the Uni has announced.

IT staff at the Uni say that a hacker from outside the US deliberately broke through the Uni's firewall system over the weekend of March 31/April 1 and downloaded around 14,000 records from a database with more than 190,000 current and former university employees.

Police are said to be investigating the intrusion, which they describe as a malicious attack...


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