OrangeHRM Open Source HRM System Launches On-Demand Option

OrangeHRM Inc. announced the availability of OrangeHRM On-Demand, a hosted version of its OrangeHRM open source human resources management solution for small and mid-sized enterprises. The company has also released a new Version 2.1 that upgrades the system's Leave Management module and a variety of other functions.

"We are moving quickly to reach parity with proprietary HRM systems while offering key pricing and development cycle advantages related to our use of open source technology," said Sujee Saparamadu, CEO of OrangeHRM. "These new releases make significant strides toward that goal."

OrangeHRM On-Demand

In addition to installed software, OrangeHRM is now available under the Software as a Service (SaaS) model for organizations that have limited IT resources for automating their personnel management processes. The new OrangeHRM On-Demand option is hosted in the OrangeHRM data center, can be deployed by OrangeHRM personnel in 24 hours, requires no in-house hardware or software, and is priced by monthly or yearly subscription based on the number of users.

Each subscription includes automatic upgrades with every new software release at no additional charge, enabling users to take full advantage of enhancements provided by the OrangeHRM open source community. Subscribers also receive full professional support from OrangeHRM . OrangeHRM On-Demand allows the product to scale with the company's growth and will beat the competition by:

fæ Quick release cycles of the Open Source product that is rolled in to hosted service results in a perpetual beta mode and an ever improving level of service.

fæ Large community of users of the Open Source Product would add to the level of comfort.

fæ AJAX based rich user interface.

fæ Lightweight LAMP architecture that results in high response time.

fæ Open data standards based on HR-XML

fæ Professional support structure backed by a highly responsive community increases the level of comfort.

fæ Use of Enterprise 2.0 concepts enable HR departments to build close relationships with the organization's employees