DCMI And Unisys Deliver Data Centre Migration Cost Savings Of Up To 60% For Large Telco

DCMI, a data centre consolidation and migration specialist, has announced that its Migrata toolset solution is being implemented by a large, UK-based telco to help it dramatically reduce the workload, risk and cost of its data centre migration project.

Unisys is managing the multi-million pound project, deploying DCMI's Migrata toolset.

Virtualising and consolidating the servers for large enterprises is a highly complex, multi-million pound project. By employing DCMI's Migrata solution, the first software solution developed to allow companies to reduce the work and costs involved in data centre migration, the large telco is able to save up to 60% of the time and up to 40% of the effort required on this data centre migration project, equating to millions of pounds saved.

For this project, Migrata has been deployed on a seven month virtualisation and consolidation programme that will involve consolidating over 1700 servers, reducing data centre demand by 900 racks.

Roy Illsley, Senior Research Analyst at Butler Group commented, "Data centre virtualisation, consolidation or migration can produce large cost-savings for enterprises in the long-run, yet it is currently an expensive and slow process due to the risks involved in shifting mission-critical applications." Illsley continued, "There will be more and more large data centre migrations in the future due to the pressure on data centre space, the need for more energy efficient computers and cooling technologies, and the need to provide the ability to meet growing corporate computing demands. A solution that helps de-risk and therefore speed up and reduce the cost of the migration process is vital."

Ewan MacLeod, CEO of DCMI, said, "DCMI is leading the industry by becoming the first company to offer a software solution to data centre migration. Working with Unisys to provide the methodology for consolidating over 1700 servers marks a major implementation of our Migrata solution."

MacLeod continued, "I am astounded that most big companies move and update their data centres with pen and paper. No process and little in the way of best practice methodology, for what is an extremely complex and expensive process. I'm glad that on this occasion we have helped a large telco avoid this route and make huge savings in terms of time, effort and cost for its data centre migration project."