Does Download Accelerator Plus merit listing in the CounterSpy database?

Ok, perhaps not the most thrilling title for a blog, but we’ve done a re-review of our exhaustive study on Download Accelerator Plus (DAP):

…Sunbelt's research team recommends that Sunbelt continue to offer DAP as an optional "low risk adware" detection with a default action of "Ignore." The Sunbelt research team does

recommend that Sunbelt review the description provided in Sunbelt's database for DAP and revise the more general description for "Low risk adware" to better fit the programs such as DAP

that fall in that category of detections.

(Listing an application with a default action of Ignore means that CounterSpy will detect the application and present it to the user. The choice of removal is left to the user, as opposed to automatically defaulting to “Quarantine” or “Remove”.)

You can read the full review here.