Kevin Mitnick speaks in the US

Interesting to see that, as Gary McKinnon took the stage at this week's Infosecurity Europe show in London, Kevin Mitnick, arguably one of the Godfathers of hackdom, was speaking in Omaha.

According to a report in the Omaha Herald, Mitnick spoke to an audience of around 550 people about the delights of dumpster diving and caller ID spoofng.

Mitnick, who served five years in clink for wire fraud, intercepting communications and computer fraud, said that getting information out of people is accomplished quote easily by social engineering - the art of getting people to tell you things or give you data when they shouldn't.

"It's easier than hacking," he said. "There's no patch for stupidity."

The bottom line, he added, is that people want to be helpful or, if they are busy, they often find it easier to do what they are asked than actually question it.

Mitnick was speaking at the annual banquet of Omaha's Applied Information Management Institute...