OpenedHand Co-founds the GNOME Mobile and Embedded Initiative

OpenedHand Ltd are pleased to announce their participation in the founding of the GNOME Mobile and Embedded initiative (GMAE). With GNOME based devices rapidly increasing, and OpenedHand being involved in the creation of a number of these, GMAE forms an important entity in improving co-operation between commercial and community players to develop the platform further.

The GMAE software stack contains a number of key pieces of open source software created and developed by OpenedHand. This includes both the non desktop focused window manager Matchbox and the lightweight DBus-based port of the personal information store Evolution Data Server, which has a lower footprint than its desktop counterpart.

"With OpenedHand's core business over the past five years being focused on the development and improvement of GNOME-based embedded devices, we are extremely pleased to be part of the formation of GMAE. These technologies give device manufacturers unrivalled freedom and flexibility in device creation. GMAE further paves the way for collaboration between companies and the community to further innovations and benefit all involved." says Matthew Allum, CEO, OpenedHand Ltd.

The announcement further strengthens our support and commitment to the GNOME project with OpenedHand also being members of the GNOME Advisory Board, regular sponsors of GUADEC, the annual GNOME conference and employing a number of key GNOME developers.