NZ Internet users to get hacking victims support service

NetSafe, an Internet safety group in New Zealand, has announced plans to create a Web site that will offer support and reporting channels for victims of hacking, trojans and other malware.

Plans call for the not-for-profit Internet group to offer NZ netters the service on an anonymous basis, which it says will help to encourage users to report Internet crimes against themselves without fear of embarrassment.

NetSafe says it wants to collect information on attacks starting later this year and will use the information to gauge what kinds of attacks are occurring and how to prevent them in future.

Under the plans outlined this week, NetSafe will collect the data, strip out any identifying information, and use the results to see which types of businesses and households are being hit, and by what attacks.

According to Sam Lyons, NetSafe's training and development manager, because the service will operate anonymously, he hopes Internet users will report cyber-attacks on an altruistic basis - as well as gaining access to help and support services via the site...