Planning and Implementing a Secure Remote Data Centre Management Solution (Pt 2)

Given these complexities, proactive network and systems management is required to maintain the network and prevent, or at least minimise, the duration and frequency of outages.

It is critical, therefore, for IT managers to have rapid and secure access to the infrastructure they are managing from wherever they are… at any time. To accomplish this, IT managers require the ability to manage their equipment, no matter where it is located.

Fortunately, there are a number of solutions available for remote management and control of today’s modern data centre. When implementing remote access and management, a comprehensive solution must be integrated, without compromising day-to-day access, operation and maintenance.

With the mix of new and legacy equipment from a variety of vendors, a remote management solution should be platform, operating system, and vendor independent. IT managers and staff have little or no time to learn new, complex, and often proprietary remote management tools. For this reason, any remote management implementation should provide familiar interfaces, with intuitive interaction and discovery methods.