New York teen hacks AOL's systems

A New York teenager has been charged with hacking into AOL's various networks and databases containing customer information, as well as infecting the systems with malware that transferred customer data back to his PC.

In a complaint filed in the NY Criminal Court, the District Attorney's office alleges that between December 24, 2006 and April 7 this year, Mike Nieves committed a variety of offences, including computer tampering, computer trespass, and criminal possession of computer material.

The charges involved are quite serious, as it seems that Nieves is alleged to have directly accessed customer billing records, addresses, and credit card information following an infection of the relevant systems.

Even more incredibly, Nieves is also alleged to have staged a series of phishing attacks against AOL employees, which then allowed him access to more than 60 staff accounts.

According to US newswire reports, Nieves faces four felony charges and one misdemeanour charge, in connection with the case. AOL claims that mopping up the mess has cost it $500,000.

Nieves may have sunk his boat, however, as officials claim he has admitted to investigators that he committed the alleged acts because AOL took away his accounts.

He is also said to have admitted to posting photos of his exploits in a Web site.

Hmmm - with admissions like these, who needs prosecutors?...