World's first hybrid IPSec/SSL VPN Dual WAN security gateway launches for SMBs

Billion Electric Co. Ltd., a network communications equipment manufacturer, announced a new Dual-WAN security gateway appliance that is the first in the World to integrate IPSec and SSL VPN technology into one box for small and medium enterprises (SMBs).

Particularly aimed at growing businesses and those embracing mobile/remote working, the BiGuard S20 is used to maximise the uptime and secure mission critical communications links. It is designed for companies with 50 to 250 employees requiring: secure Intranet access for mobile/remote workers & partners; secure connection between headquarters and branch offices; secure firewall and Internet access.

The whole series of BiGuard SSL VPNs now offer even greater flexibility: they fully support Mac O/S and, additionally, allow access using PDAs (MS Window Mobile 5.0 compatible) so business users on the road can access the company intranet.

The BiGuard S20 is a major step up from the BiGuard S10 SSL VPN appliance offering more all-round compatibility – for example, it is ideal to permanently link a branch office to the head office network and provides more flexibility as the infrastructure of a growing business changes. It can support up to 20 concurrent SSL VPN sessions and up to 30 concurrent IPSec VPN sessions.

An important feature of the BiGuard S20 is its dual-WAN capability - to ensure optimal bandwidth sharing across broadband lines for multiple PCs in the office. With 'Load Balancing' and 'Auto Failover' it ensures a fast connection and helps prevent downtime. In addition it comes complete with built-in Firewall and router for maximum convenience and protection.

In today's rapid and dynamic business environment, small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) have to be flexible and responsive to ever-changing issues in order to remain competitive. However, when it comes to IT infrastructure, SMBs often lack the budget and resources to implement IT solutions the way large corporations can.

For SMBs, it is even harder to manage remote access and security in a cost-effective way, especially when access to corporate resources is required from mobile workers and partners in different locations. Billion's BiGuard SSL VPN Security Appliance series is designed to address these concerns.