4 things you need to remotely accessing and managing a modern data centre?

This article examines the elements associated with implementing an effective solution for remotely accessing and managing a modern data centre.

More to Manage with Fewer Personnel

IT managers are under increasing pressure to accomplish their tasks while their staffing and budgets are being constantly scrutinised and tightened. As IT departments are downsizing and in this new era of having to do more with less, data centre managers must evaluate tools that enable them to centrally manage their data centres. The good news is that there are various solutions available for remote and real-time data centre management allowing greater productivity with less staff needed.

The Case for Remote Management

Networks continue to grow in size and scope and the need for greater integration of applications and services complicates the picture. Increasing demands are being placed on network performance and availability. A greater emphasis is being placed on Return on Investment (ROI) for applications and networks, while the pressure to extend the life of IT capital investments has grown substantially.

One of the obvious places to economise is infrastructure consolidation and one obvious solution is remote management. Remote management allows centrally located personnel and applications to monitor, manage, and respond to globally distributed networks and systems from a single location. With these tools, IT managers can respond to problems quickly and perform corrective actions from anywhere in the world at anytime. This addresses staffing issues and ensures effective systems management.

In-band Management

In-band management relies on the data network for the transport of Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and other management information. It is possible only when the network is available and functioning properly. If a network node fails or protocol stack instability occurs, in-band management tools are rendered ineffective.

Out-of-Band Management

The mission-critical nature of today’s business demands an alternate management path when assets lose network connectivity or when the network or server goes down. Out-of-band management is the optimal alternative solution.

Unlike in-band management, out-of-band management does not rely on their network or server availability to manage servers or the network infrastructure. For this reason, many infrastructure downtime situations can only be addressed by out-of-band management systems.


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