New Microsoft TCP Scalable Network Accelerators Unveiled

Alacritech Inc., announced the broadest and most advanced family of Scalable Network Accelerators (SNAs) to offload TCP processing on Windows Server 2003 and Windows Storage Server 2003. Alacritech SNAs enable network servers to produce higher aggregate performance supporting more users, more storage and higher application performance.

The innovative Dynamic TCP Offload technology has been natively integrated with Microsoft's TCP Chimney Offload architecture, which is part of its Scalable Networking Pack for Windows Server 2003. In addition, Alacritech has unveiled a Scalable Storage Server Reference Design specifically for partners.

"As a key partner in Microsoft's Scalable Networking initiative, Alacritech continues to deliver innovative TCP/IP offload technologies that help our customers cost-effectively embrace high-speed networking with Windows," said Mike Schutz, Director of Product Management for Windows Server Networking, Microsoft Corporation. "Our Windows Server customers will benefit from the improved network application performance and scalability made possible through the combination of Microsoft's TCP Chimney Offload architecture and Alacritech's latest Accelerators."

Alacritech is targeting its enhanced offering at the fast growing Windows, Windows Server and Windows Storage Server segments where its SNAs can increase both file and block transport while achieving significant system scalability. Deploying Alacritech's Dynamic TCP Offload and SNAs results in fewer servers being required, meaning less capital, fewer licenses, fewer support requirements, and less power consumed.

According to recent analyst reports, data will continue to explode with storage and server growth reaching 12 million units by 2010. Microsoft OS platforms are expected to dominate the market with 8 million units by 2010. As enterprises experience growth in data they are continually looking for solutions that allow increased server utilization, better network manageability and assurance that data latency will not impact business operations.

"Alacritech is clearly known for its innovation in the area of TCP Offload, and the fact that Microsoft has integrated Alacritech's model in TCP Chimney Offload speaks to its acceptance as a key Windows technology," said Arun Taneja, founder and analyst of The Taneja Group. "The extensibility of Alacritech's Offload technology to NAS, including Windows Storage Server, makes a great deal of sense. They clearly understand the execution of Offload for both iSCSI and front-end file traffic and have the deep NAS systems expertise stemming from Larry and his design team's previous experience at Auspex to make them credible with the market and OEM partners."

Alacritech's SNA and iSNA products take advantage of Alacritech's new 9.1 Driver and provide full support for Microsoft TCP Chimney Offload with added support for Jumbo Frames and Teaming.

"The Exegy Ticker Plant processes and transmits financial data at extreme speeds to Wall Street customers whose businesses depend on split second decisions. The use of Alacritech accelerators has reduced our processing latency by 35 percent compared with other network interface cards," said Ronald Indeck, Founder and CTO at Exegy. "Alacritech has clearly mastered TCP/IP Offload and our experience with the latest 9.1 Driver is further indication of that."

"Alacritech products fit well within the demanding world of video post-production," stated Dr. Meier, Chief Technology Officer, StarGate Films, Inc. "We are very pleased with the results we are seeing from the new Alacritech 9.1 Driver that integrates seamlessly with TCP Chimney Offload and have clearly seen the performance advantages. The Alacritech team is a pleasure to deal with and works hard to learn the needs of our business and how they can help us."

Nine new network and storage accelerators have been added to Alacritech's fourth generation SNAs. Alacritech's full-fledged SNAs are capable of accelerating both iSCSI and network traffic and the iSCSI Scalable Network Accelerators (iSNA) are capable of accelerating only iSCSI traffic. Both the SNA and iSNA can function as a standard NIC on the network, in addition to their respective acceleration functions.

"Alacritech's innovative approach in addressing the Windows Volume Server Market with its new SNA and iSNA products can certainly help take customers to the next level of network efficiency, and we are happy to partner with them to take these new products to market," said John Vossoughi, Sr. VP Computer Products Marketing, Bell Microproducts. "Alacritech is addressing this fastest growing segment of the server market with a new offering that delivers a compelling value proposition."

Alacritech is introducing six SNA products, the SEN1511XT, SEN1512XT and SEN1522ET for the Workstation segment and the SEN1811XT, SEN1812XT and SEN1822ET focused on the Volume Server segment. In addition, the Alacritech iSNA products are designed for the Volume Server segment and include the SES1811XT, SES1812XT, SES1822ET. Both the SNA and iSNA accelerators increase the speed, power and performance of servers and are ideally suited for applications where data transport across the network occurs frequently. Examples of such applications include File Serving, NAS, NFS, CIFS, web or HTTP traffic, video post production and backup. These application loads comprise a significant percentage of Windows server shipments.

Alacritech's Scalable Storage Server Reference Design is a purpose-built high-performance NAS solution designed to demonstrate the enhanced performance and scalability that Alacritech can provide to Microsoft Windows Storage Server OEM partners. Alacritech SNA and Dynamic TCP Offload technology are integral to the design, accelerating both file and block traffic and allowing platforms built on Microsoft Windows Storage Servers to scale to higher levels of performance. The physical reference design will be made available to OEM partners in May 2007.

"Alacritech is pleased to lead the industry in developing and delivering unprecedented system-level flexibility and functionality via its accelerator products," said Larry Boucher, Founder and CEO, Alacritech. "I'm especially pleased to see the widespread acceptance of Alacritech's Dynamic TCP Offload technology, including Microsoft's support for it and its incorporation into TCP Chimney Offload. We are building an ecosystem of partnerships in this area, with the most recent being QLogic, that speaks well to both the future of Alacritech and the viability of a technology that solves real customer problems. Through our partnerships and license agreements, customers benefit from Alacritech's leading technology with enhanced server performance and efficiencies, resulting in tremendous savings in capital, power, personnel and licenses."