SWsoft Announces Turn-Key Virtualization Package for First-Time Corporate Users

SWsoft announced a turn-key offering of software and support for businesses exploring operating system (OS) virtualization. The Virtuozzo Enterprise Starter Pack, priced at $1,198, enables new users to try out OS virtualization technology for a small server consolidation project or pilot deployment. The software can be downloaded, installed and up and running in minutes.

The Virtuozzo Starter Pack for either Windows or Linux allows up to four virtual environments and includes:

- a single or dual CPU server license;

- full management toolset for the starter pack server;

- one year of Silver level support and maintenance.

"We're offering a friction-less way for organizations to discover OS virtualization and Virtuozzo for the first time," said Serguei Beloussov, CEO, SWsoft. "The starter pack has the full range of capabilities and tools of the full Virtuozzo product at an attractive price point. Users can get comfortable with the technology, gain experience its advantages and see how it complements their consolidation projects."

The Virtuozzo Enterprise Starter Pack comes with full capabilities, including the following.

* VZP2V- Physical-to-Virtual tool that allows for easy migration from a dedicated physical server to a Virtuozzo virtual server by helping to determine what resources a server and application require. This ensures that the virtual server delivers the same performance as the physical server.

* Management toolset to easily and completely manage the Starter Pack server including: provisioning, monitoring, backup, recovery, cloning, and more.

* A simple upgrade path to the full Virtuozzo product.

Last year, SWsoft grew revenues from its Virtuozzo and Parallels virtualization product lines by a remarkable 734 percent. An IDC industry analyst report published last September cited SWsoft as growing fastest among all vendors in the hot overall market for virtualization technology.

Virtualization Performance and Manageability

SWsoft Virtuozzo dynamically partitions a single Windows or Linux operating system instance into highly-efficient and scalable virtual environments. Virtuozzo includes patented technology that enables density of up to hundreds of virtual environments per physical server.

Unlike virtual machines and hypervisors, Virtuozzo addresses the challenges faced by today's datacenters of operating system sprawl. Its unique architecture and management tools make it the ideal solution for provisioning, monitoring and managing virtualized server resources.