MySQL establish new record in Cluster Database

MySQL AB, developer of the world's most popular open source database, announced the results of recent DBT2 benchmarks of its MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition database. The announcement was made at the 2007 MySQL Conference & Expo. Tests were conducted in collaboration with Intel Corporation and Dolphin Interconnect Solutions.

The benchmark results show the very high scalability of MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition, attaining a rate of 100,000 transactions per minute (TpM) using an 8-node cluster. In this benchmark, the latest generation of the Dual-Core Intel® Xeon processor family provided a significant step forward in scalability, showing a 75-percent speed improvement over tests run on previous generation Intel Xeon processor systems.

"We are proud to show the amazing scalability of our open source database technology working with state-of-the-art technology partners," said Jeffrey Pugh, MySQL AB's vice president of Engineering. "These results are possible due to some recently-developed performance enhancements in our MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade database -- and now make it possible to potentially reach millions of transactions per minute with a sufficiently larger configuration."

"MySQL's high-availability cluster database on Dual-Core Intel Xeon processor based systems brings tremendous value to telecom customers and provides a cost effective solution on Intel's energy-efficient servers," said Paresh Pattani, director of High Performance Technical Computing, Software and Solutions Group, Intel Corporation. "Intel worked closely with MySQL Cluster and Dolphin ICS to optimize the solution and recent test results for the latest Dual-Core Intel Xeon processor-based clusters are very impressive. We expect the performance to scale even better on Quad-Core Intel Xeon processor based clusters."

In the benchmark, Dolphin Interconnect Solutions' new Dolphin ExpressTM adapter cards delivered a low latency and high-performance connection between cluster nodes. This solution had a very high impact on response times within the cluster, leading to a more than three-fold improvement in some tests -- with an incredible boost in throughput, especially in larger clusters.

"Through our partnership with MySQL, we are committed to bringing leading database performance solutions to the marketplace," said Kare Lochsen, CEO of Dolphin Interconnect Solutions. "These benchmark results, using the Dolphin Express interconnect technology, demonstrate the value that MySQL Cluster can deliver to customers with demanding requirements."