WiFi hotspots being targeted

Interesting story in The Times over the weekend confirming my recent wibbles about a lack of security at WiFi hotspots.

According to the paper, criminals are now starting to use a `twin attack' methodology at a number of popular WiFi hotspots, whereby punters think they're logging into a WiFi network, but are actually routing their WiFi call via the hacker's PC.

Punters still get Net access, of course, but the bad news is that their online sessions are logged.

T-Mobile's WiFi network is especially being targeted, it seems, owing to the fact that its 2,000 hotspot network includes Starbucks coffee shops.

Interestingly, T-Mobile said it was aware of the technique, but was yet to have any incident reported in the UK.

Which, of course, means diddly squat, as if your personal financial accounts are compromised, it's almost impossible to work out where and how you were hacked, so T-Mobile wouldn't see any reports, would they.

Talk about pointless comments.

The bottom line to all of this is that WiFi hotspots should be viewed like PCs in Internet cafes - useful for simple Web surfing and basic email, but not good (at all -Ed) for serious business information transfers and accessing financial services.

You have been warned (again)...