RBS climbs aboard the PINsentry bandwagon

The Royal Bank of Scotland is apparently following the lead of Barclays Bank and is starting to dish out two-factor PINsentry sleeve reader gizmos to its account customers.

Whilst Barclays has contracted with Gemalto for the production of the PINsentry devices, RBS is working with Xi-ring for its Xi-sign 4000 units to be distributed to e-banking customers.

Reading between the lines of the press release and allied information reveals strong similarities between the Barclays and the RBS PINsentry devices.

This pretty well confirms my earlier assertions that the devices are based on an extended EMV standard that is being quietly promulgated by APACS, the UK bank payments institution.

The only question is how quickly RBS will roll out the system for its Natwest customers. After that, it's a short skip and a jump to see Lloyds-TSB and HSBC issuing their own sleeve readers, and e-banking will be 100 per cent safe.

Yeah, right...