APACS bending over backwards to push contactless cards

It looks like the UK card issuing industry is bending over backwards to push the Visa payWave and MasterCard Paypass RFID cards as a means of buying stuff for under a tenner.

According to Card Technology magazine, the acquiring arms of Visa and MasterCard are still negotiating with merchants on the RFID program, but are "they will offer incentives to encourage the merchants to accept contactless cards and tokens."

Card Technology says that major retailers pay from 10 pence per debit card transaction at the moment and makes the interesting prediction that payWave and Paypass transactions could cost around half this price.

There remains, of course, the privacy aspect of these systems.

I remember talking with a legal pal about the old Mondex e-cash system in which Mondex's managers claimed that the audit trail on Mondex transactions only went back 10 steps.

In fact, the audit log for Mondex was indefinite.

So, would you be happy with your bank knowing what you spent all of your money on?

I bet this information will be used for marketing purposes within the banking group - read the small print-Ed - so you can kiss goodbye to any privacy you thought you had.

But you've nothing to hide, so you have nothing to fear....

(c) John Reid, Home Secretary...