Marshal claims business email spam is a red herring

I was amazed to read over the weekend that Marshal, the email and Internet content security provider, reckons that the problem of business spam is over-estimated.

Marshal's comments come in the wake of an IDC report that suggests increasing volume of spam email messages could drive users to use alternative media technology such as Instant Messaging and low cost VoIP calls.

According to Bradley Anstis, Marshal''s director of product development, whilst IDCs statement is true for home email users, it isn't the death knell for business email users.

"Email has been established as the mission critical communication tool for business and we predict this will continue to be the case for the foreseeable future," he said.

"We don't see Instant Messaging becoming a major competitor to business email," he added.

Anstis went on to say that Marshal reckons that, as a matter of policy, about 50 per cent of businesses today don't allow employees to use Instant Messaging on their networks.

"Instant Messaging also doesn't provide a good record of what's agreed or promised during a 'conversation', while emails are accepted as corporate records," he explained.

So does this mean Marshal doesn't view spam as a problem for business users?

Thankfully the runaway press release that triggered the weekend news story doesn't go this far, but goes on to talk about Marshal's own anti-spam service.

Thank goodness for that. For a second there I was afraid of having to brand Anstis as naive when it comes to spam.

No, he's not naive. He's a marketing professional, and that's what the story is about - marketing Marshal's anti-spam service.

Shame on me for thinking otherwise...