Netcordia Launches Into Europe To Help Stamp Out Network Downtime

Netcordia, a provider of network management solutions, launches into Europe to put a dent in the estimated 1.3 million pounds per company lost each day on IT downtime. The company is offering IT departments practical advice on how to address this issue and a free downloadable whitepaper.

According to Gartner Group, configuration issues cause 40-60 per cent of this downtime. Netcordia is urging European businesses to eliminate this avoidable cause of downtime by taking a few simple steps to control and properly manage changes to networks.

Netcordia has identified five key reasons behind networking configuration problems and is offering businesses advice to help eliminate this cause of downtime. Don Pyle, CEO at Netcordia, recommends the following five steps:

1.Set policies: Ensure there are clear policies within the business to ensure that staff know which aspects of the network they are allowed to change and those that must be controlled only by the network administrator

2.Automate the process of managing policies: Humans are liable to make errors but by automating policies management and the configuration of equipment, time can be saved both on administration and in avoiding downtime.

3.Simplify network management: As networks grow they become more complex, requiring more types of tools to manage the networks, resulting in a confusing proliferation of network management tools. Simplify network management by using a single integrated tool to avoid errors and downtime.

4.Predict problems: Prediction is the best way to reduce downtime. A slow down in network performance is a useful early warning sign that there are network problems but, without the equipment to detect the slowdown in performance, it may go unnoticed until it is too late.

5.Communicate the payback to the CEO: When it comes to reducing network downtime, IT managers must know how to communicate the benefits of investing in improved network management technology. Fortunately this is simple, the average cost of downtime to businesses with 100 - 1000 employees is 1 per cent of the annual revenue.

According to Don Pyle, CEO at Netcordia, "Most businesses have grown to accept that networks go down from time to time. It may surprise many to learn that the majority of this downtime is caused by employees and contractors failing to properly configure the network or changing network settings without a full understanding of the effect of their actions."

Netcordia customer Nhan Vo, Director of Information Technology at Duke Medicine adds, "Avoiding network downtime has always consumed a sizable proportion of our IT staff's time. Netcordia has provided us with a solution that enables our IT staff to quickly and easily locate networking problems - it even predicts and identifies problems before they've happened. This has helped improve the network performance and has freed our IT staff from constantly 'fire fighting' network issues and degradation in end user application performance."


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