NZ computer repairers don't need to be registered

Interesting story on the New Zealand newswires over the weekend about The Computer Society rejecting a suggestion that PC sales and repair shops needing to be registered by the Police.

According to the NZ newswires, stores in Australia and the UK have to be vetted before they can operate, and...

Hang on a minute? Since when have UK PC stores got to be vetted?

I know several stores in the UK and have worked on a few IT magazines, and this is the first I've heard of such a requirement.

But if it's on the Internet, it must be true, right?

The NZ Stuff newswire quotes Mark Calter, the head of Greytown Computer Solutions in, er, Greytown, as saying that criminal gangs in some countries are pretending to fix PCs but go on to install trojans on their customers' machines and siphon dosh from their accounts.

"When I set this business up two years ago, I was appalled at how easy it was," he said. "I'm just appalled that anyone can open up a computer shop without having a police record check."

Which started me thinking what safeguards we have in the UK against rogue computer repair shops.

Not a lot it seems...