British Rewards pile cashback earnings into shoppers' pockets

Fast-growing cashback website, British Rewards, is now working with more than 1,000 retailers whose special deals help its registered users earn money. The site has attracted more than 110,000 shoppers who are happy to profit from a reward scheme that pays out in lovely lolly rather than piffling points.

British Rewards' retail partners sell a comprehensive range of goods including books, clothes, computers, electrical items, food and drink, health and beauty products, mobile phones, sports gear, travel, music and DVDs. Its reward-laden links embrace not just online-only shops, but many well-known high street names such as Comet, Woolworths, and Carphone Warehouse.

The website is one of several owned and operated by 16-year-old entrepreneur, Matthew Lovett, founder and managing director of Nottinghamshire-based affiliate marketing specialist, Only Option Media.

"British Rewards scours the web for the best deals from retailers, and then negotiates cashback for its registered users," says Matthew, who heads up a five-strong team aged 16-19. "Some of our users earn more than £300 a month. The concept is similar to the reward cards offered by supermarkets and other stores – but the big difference is that our users get free money, not just points."

He continues: "British Rewards effectively pays you to use the internet. Hundreds of thousands of UK residents use the site to save huge amounts of money on their online purchases and site registrations. You can sometimes earn money simply by clicking retailers' banners on our website."

Registration for British Rewards is free, and any cash earned can be paid by various methods including Paypal accounts, cheques and vouchers. There is no minimum withdrawal amount, and payments are made quickly. Users can even access their account using WAP-enabled mobile phones.

British Rewards is open only to UK residents. Sister websites are also blossoming in Australia, the USA and Sweden, where they operate under the name 'Matt Cashback'.

The British Rewards site has many additional features including a special section highlighting 'easy cash' opportunities for its users. There are also competitions, games, and forums where users can chat to one another, and to members of the British Rewards team.