Hong Kong - a great place to do business

I was highly amused to read in the Nova Scotia Business Journal this week about a report on card fraud which took in comments from card manufacturers.

The Journal quotes Don Currie, the head of a card manufacturing company that has been in the business for 20 years and how he took an order seven years ago from a Hong Kong firm.

Currie's firm was asked to make security swipe cards for a trucker company in Asia, but as the order started to change, he became more than a little worried.

Because of this, he called the firm up, only to hear that the cards were going to be used to commit fraud.

"Do you have a problem with that?" the caller asked.

Apparently Currie became concerned when he realised the cards were to be blank, with no logos on them. The Kong Hong firm was to overprint the cards with the logos itself.

The final alarm bell was set set off when Currie twigged the cards were using a MasterCard format for the magnetic stripe.

All corking stuff, as they say - read the story here...