Racing Certainties

Here's Terry Pudwell, FIRST Conference sponsor and chairman of Assuria Ltd, flying the flag for FIRST and promoting the June conference in Seville by giving the Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams its first-ever banner exercise in car-vertising. Terry, pictured with Seville co-chair Ian Cook (left) competed at this month's GT90's Revival race at the British Round of the FIA GT Championship at Silverstone.

He last clambered behind a similar wheel nearly three years ago in Bahrain, and said of the latest event: "It was quite a challenge to get back into these 650hp 200mph monster GT cars at a high profile race meeting, without any testing beforehand. They're incredibly physical to drive and race fitness was a problem for me on the Saturday when sheer fatigue in my arms resulted in a big spin during the race, but I still managed to finish second. On Sunday I started in second and took the lead at the first corner but almost as soon as I had done so the car began seriously misfiring and we never got it running properly again, causing my retirement on the second lap. Still, my team mate in another Stealth B6 won the race (following a third place behind me on Saturday) so we had a good weekend."

After that it was back to business for Terry at Assuria, which provides host-based solutions to protect business systems, corporate information and customer data from the 'insider threat' through vulnerability assessment, compliance reporting, change reporting and event log management.

High on his current agenda is preparation for the FIRST conference, which he will be attending with Nick Connor, joint founder and MD of Assuria.

Why did they decide to sponsor? "We believe that the incident response specialists who make up a large part of the membership of FIRST are the people in the front line not only of investigating suspected incidents, but also of trying to prevent them occurring again through the knowledge and information that they gather during investigations. The work they do is of vital importance, and it's a racing certainty that people in the world of computer security who book into the conference will find it an invaluable experience.

"We're hoping to not only demonstrate some of our current capabilities in Seville, but also to learn more from these specialists about how our technologies can really help them in their critical roles in the future."