TalkTalk - not just `stunning' on broadband customer service

I was amused to see that TalkTalk - the `free' broadband service from the Carphone Warehouse - is not just hovering around the bottom when it comes to customer service and technical problems.

It's also right up (or down) there when it comes to spam, according to in-depth research from ClearMyMail, the international anti-spam email service provider.

After analysing around two years of data, the anti-spam ISP says that that an incredible 95 per cent of email from TalkTalk and Force9, until recently the parent ISP to, is either spam or malware-related., of course, has got serious problems with spam on its Webmail services at the moment.

So serious, in fact, that the service is suspended, according to a missive sent out overnight to punters (see El Reg's report here for more details -Ed).

According to ClearMyMail, TalkTalk and Force9 were top of the spam and malware pops with 95 per cent, followed by UKServers with 94 per cent and Eclipse with 92 per cent.

Dan Field, ClearMyMail's managing director, said that the report produced some worrying statistics.

"I admit I was shocked when I saw some of the names in the top 10 ISP's who seem to take little or no action when it comes to preventing spam," he said.

"I was even more shocked to see that the UK is still the second biggest source of spam emails received here," he added.

According to Field, there can be little doubt that ISP's, anti-spam and anti-virus providers need to get together to see what can be done to eliminate the time consuming and frustrating spam emails that are increasing in numbers.

So there you go - as I always say with broadband ISPs, you really do get what you pay for, so an economically priced ISP may not always be the best choice. But you probably guessed that anyway...