Visa application scandal to break on Channel 4 news this evening

Here's a good yarn. My old IT journalist pal Davey Winder is due to appear on Channel 4 news this evening to comment on top notch levels of security at an outsourcing company that the Home Office uses for visa applications around the world.

According to Davey, the company, which the UK, US and around 12 other countries outsource their online visa application processing to within 20 territories, has "Mickey Mouse levels of security."

So bad, in fact, that Davey was able to pull up the full application data of anyone who had applied for a visa using them by that old favourite technique, altering a numeric identifier in the URL.

"These guys process three million applications a year, and started working for the US with Indian visa applications back in 2001, so that's a lot of exposed data," he said.

According to Davey, the company plugged the gap within 24 hours of me informing them - and he held running off the story until they had (as he's nice like that).

Watch Channel 4 news this evening for more, or, if you can't wait, check out the full story here on Daniweb for more information...