ISS reports IT vulnerabilities trends down during May

IBM's ISS X-Force team has released its monthly vulnerabilities report and the results make for some interesting reading.

The report features the noteworthy cyber security-related issues that arose during the month of April 2007.

Whilst X-Force analysts noted an increase of five per cent in the number of vulnerabilities identified and catalogued in April over the previous month, they also reported a decrease of seven per cent in the number of vulnerabilities on a year on year basis.

It's not all rosy, however, as the X-Force team also observed a large increase - 25.3 per cent - in IT security issues allowing an attacker to gain access.

During April, ISS X-Force says that its analysts researched and assessed a total of 510 security-related threats.

A significant percentage of the vulnerabilities featured within the research database became the focal point of malicious code writers whose productions include viruses, worms and targeted exploits.

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