Heavy-duty alleged mobile phone hacker caught in Thailand

Reports from Thailand over the weekend suggest that a major scam involving pre-pay GSM SIM cards has been busted.

Newswire reports say that Taweesap Lalitsasiwimol, aged 34, was arrested late last week in connection with the alleged hacking of mobile phone company AIS' computer systems.

Taweesap is alleged to have master-minded the sale of forged prepay mobile phone cards worth almost 50 million baht (around £770,000 in UK quidlets -Ed).

During the raid, police say they seized a couple of laptops, a portable hard drive and a copy of a book - Plon Yiab Mek (High-Profile Robberies) - in which Taweesap was ranked the third biggest crim.


News reports suggest that records on the AIS database initially led investigators to a number of Internet cafes, but examination of CCTV footage revealed this to be a false clue trial.

Taweesap was caught, however, when police realised the AIS scam has a similar MO to a fraud involving another mobile carrier, TA Orange, back in 2005.

An arrest warrant was then issued for Taweesap, who was on bail for allegedly hacking into the TA Orange computer system and increasing the value of its phone cards, leading to losses of 105 million baht.

That case is, apparently, pending prosecution.

Police claim that Taweesap has a bachelor's degree in political science from Ramkhamhaeng University and can hack into any computer system in less than 10 minutes.

Kevin Mitnick eat your heart out...