HSBC opts out of APACS PINsentry initiative

It looks like HSBC is going to be the odd man out when it comes to implementing the PINsentry two-factor authentication system being pioneered by Barclays and RBS.

As I've said before, the PINsentry system seems to being quietly master-minded by APACS, the bank payments association, even though everyone seems to be avoiding any direct press comment.

But HSBC is quoted as saying that it's seen the devices, but doesn't see the need for distributing them to its personal banking punters.

In a Computerworld report late last week, HSBC claims to have the lowest levels of fraud amongst the UK banks and is concentrating its efforts on the detection of fraud.

HSBC, of course, does issue two-factor authentication devices to its business banking customers on a mandatory basis.

If I were more cynical, I could accuse the bank of operating a two-tier approach to the security of its customers...