The Carbonite Philosophy

Received this email from Online Storage Backup specialists Carbonite...

Carbonite’s extensive market research found that cost, time and complexity are the main barriers to consumers backing up their PCs. Carbonite recognised that in order to reverse the habit of people forgetting to, or simply not bothering with backing up their files, the market needed a simple, automatic and affordable product and service.

Carbonite’s solution to the problem is elegant and simple – offer PC backup that is online (remote), automatic (always on), inexpensive (£2.50 per month), unlimited (users can back up all their files, and not have to choose, with a complicated user interface, which files are more important than others in order to fall within an imposed storage volume limit) and easy to use (‘set and forget’ functionality means Carbonite is always working, quietly and unobtrusively in the background).

Essentially, a Carbonite subscription is like an insurance policy that protects the user’s data and comes to the rescue if and when things go wrong. Carbonite offers peace of mind.

What about the bells and whistles (such as file sharing and scheduling tools) that some other companies offer? Carbonite purposely chose not to offer more than automatic online backup, primarily because most consumers do not want additional features complicating the utility of their backup. Because Carbonite is always on, there’s no need for scheduling features. And because Carbonite is automatic and backs up all data files, there is nothing for the user to learn. Even service upgrades are completely automatic. Why pay extra for features that are not needed for backup?

In short, Carbonite is the cheapest and easiest online PC backup service available. Already the market leader in the US and Canada, Carbonite has been growing rapidly and gaining market share in the UK since its launch in October 2006.