BSure Technology partners with Wireless Logic to offer encrypted virtual network

BSure Technology has formed a partnership with Wireless Logic, part of entrepreneur Peter Jones’ Phones International Group, to offer a platform for a dedicated virtual private network (VPN) for organisations using the Babylon nG encryption software for mobile phones and VOIP communication.

The partnership sees Wireless Logic providing the network backbone for handsets using Babylon nG. BSure Technology launched Babylon nG in March this year as the first 3G encryption software for mobile phones running Symbian OS or Windows Mobile. It is also compatible with 3.5G.

Encrypted calls can be made mobile-to-mobile using Babylon nG and, with other products from the Babylon suite, from mobile to suitably-equipped landlines and VOIP-enabled desktops – which can also be part of the network.

For added security, the contact list is saved on a secure server and downloads to the handset when a user logs in. Should the phone be lost or stolen access to the network can be removed in seconds.

Babylon nG uses the GPRS data channels for voice calls and this provides the option of VOIP without the need to be near a ‘hot spot’ for making calls making it extremely cost effective to use. The software also allows roaming anywhere in the world.

Joe Francis, director of BSure Technology, comments: “Partnering with Wireless Logic means that organisations who want to keep conversations private by using the Babylon software have total control by being able to use a VPN rather than the standard networks.”

Babylon nG’s voice encryption is via the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256 bit with a Diffie-Hellman 2048 bit key exchange. Despite the strength of the encryption, a unique codec ensures there is no loss of voice quality – it is maintained at 3G standards – and no latency during conversations.

Available from BSure Technology, Babylon nG has been developed with partner company, Safe-com, the German software company. Safe-com has more than 20 years’ experience in developing telecom encryption technologies and the new software has undergone 12 months of intensive testing before release.