Email is the new snail mail – secure IM set to gain ascendency

A UK and Canada based software development company is set to alter business communications with the launch of an affordable 'Business Class' Instant Messaging (IM) service. Rozmic Wireless has developed Rozmic Messenger having identified the need for organisations in both the private and public sectors to support collaborative business processes securely.

Research indicated that IM is the best way to accelerate new forms of collaboration and communication among distributed workforces. The system increases productivity as e-mail inboxes swell with spam. Large and remotely distributed teams require continuous real-time communication, but public access IM systems present a security risk which is unacceptable in business.

Ross Cooney, Managing Director, Rozmic Wireless says; "We felt that the market cried out for business class IM services. IM is the primary communication tool for social networks, now it has been given a face-lift and taken into the enterprise."

One of the first companies to adopt Rozmic Messenger is Newcastle and Leeds based J.R. Holland Group, one of the largest wholesale fresh food distributors in the North East of England. With over two hundred employees in five locations the IT Department knew they needed a real-time communication system to keep everyone connected. In addition to speed, they needed security, manageability and low maintenance overhead.

John Holland, Owner of JR Holland Group said; "Instant messaging is used extensively by various departments for quick communications that cannot wait for an email reply. It's frequently easier to reach someone through IM than by telephone. With Rozmic Messenger we gained communications security, found that installation was easy and maintenance has been virtually nonexistent. The stability and user friendliness of the product have made it an easy sale to our staff."

In addition to secure communications Rozmic Messenger allows users to see who is online, and exchange messages with them. Files can be transferred more quickly and securely than via email and the system operates from any PC, laptop, hand-held device and some mobile phones.

Rozmic Wireless Ltd, a software development company specialising in secure data transfer was incorporated in 2005 by Ross Cooney and Robin Mackie with the help of Nstar Finance, Entrust and a number of private business angels. The company has released three products and opened offices in Gateshead and Toronto.