OS Reviews compares open source first-person shooters

A welcomed break before the Bank Holiday weekend... Despite being highly controversial there is little doubt that first-person shooters are one of the most popular video gaming genre. Since the open source community is no exception to this, OS Reviews takes a look at open source shooters in a comparative review.

For the review, the main aspects have been laid to graphics and long-term playing value for singleplayer and multiplayer modes. For example, the diversity of the various playing modes and the balance of the weapons arsenal have been evaluated.

Although the engines of all reviewed games were based upon older and formerly proprietary titles, the enhancements are often remarkable. Nowadays, things like spectacular lighting effects and sophisticated playing concepts complete with computer-controlled bots are quite common.

The winner is "Nexuiz", a game fully dedicated to deathmatch action. The game impresses with a large number of playing variants, decent graphics and an entertaining campaign mode.