Qube Networks Expands Managed Hosting Service To Mass Market

Qube Networks launched its new managed hosting service for the mass market at Internet World by promising to change the face of customer service in the sector.

"The quality of managed hosting service offered to the majority of British businesses has been abysmal," said Tom Howard, Chief Technical Director at Qube Networks. "Why should businesses have to put up with Service Level Agreements that only begin when the customer spots there is a problem and data transfer agreements that do not deliver customers the bandwidth they need, at the times they need it most?"

"Our promise is simple, plain English contracts and a proactively managed service with the best levels of IP bandwidth available," said Tom. Moving forward, Qube Networks will offer two levels of managed hosting service. The new Standard Service will start at £400 per month, with the traditional Premium Service, for internet-dependant businesses, remaining in place. Standard Service customers will be hosted at Qube Networks' new 1,600ft2 facility at the Level 3 data centre in London's Goswell Road, complimenting its existing 4,000ft2 private suite.

"Qube Networks has built its reputation providing co-location and managed services of the highest standards and we plan to now bring that experience to a wider business audience at a price they can afford," said Tom Howard.