Yoggie offers security on a stick

The guys at Yoggie Security Systems, an innovative US IT security firm, have come up with an interesting bit of technology - an IT security system on a USB stick.

The Yoggie Pico, as it is known, is a compact computer plus 128 MB storage system that intelligently auto-loads a range of IT security software onto the PC it is plugged into.

The Pico is actually a Linux-driven computer in its own right and builds on Yoggie's success with its Gatekeeper range of IT security systems.

Despite the fact that the device is a USB stick system, it comes with no less than 13 security applications, and is even capable of downloading updates for itself across the Internet, thanks to the use of a Pentium 520 MHz processor.

The Pico is available in two flavours - Personal ($179) and Pro ($199) - which is a tad higher than I'd expect to pay for a security system for a laptop or desktop PC.

Still, this price includes a year's free updates, after which punters must pay $30 and $40, respectively, for annual updates for the Personal and Pro systems.

Plans call for the the units to be available from www.yoggie.com as well as outlets such as PC World from this summer...