Slashdot contributor reveals how easy it is to Google for card numbers

I've reported a couple of times on how easy it is for `power' Google users to search for supposedly secure information using the right commands.

Well now it seems you can use Google search for credit and debit card numbers - if you use the right syntax.

Surfing the Net at the weekend, I was amazed to see a report from Bennett Haselton, a Slashdot contributor, on how it's done.

You can read Bennett's report here and I have to say I've tried some of his techniques, with astounding results.

The good news (from a security perspective) is that Google seems to have blocked simple searches for sequences of Visa and MasterCard numbers - but it's still possible to Google for company passwords.

"Card number searches on google" also works, but I shouldn't really have told you that, should I?...