BT's broadband is the UK'S favourite

BT is now the UK's most popular broadband retailer, it was revealed, leapfrogging over the combined customer base of Virgin Media and NTL: Telewest Business into the No.1 position with more than 3.66 million broadband customers – a 26 per cent share of the overall broadband market.

In the quarter ending March 31, 2007, BT added another 245,000 customers in addition to the 195,000 customers gained through BT's recent acquisition of PlusNet. BT had 32 per cent of new DSL customers, and 29 per cent1 of all new broadband customers during the last quarter.

Ian Livingston, CEO of BT Retail, welcomed the news: "I am delighted that we have regained the top slot as the nation's favourite broadband retailer. Customers have shown what they clearly want: innovative products and services offering great value that are easy to use and deliver the exciting opportunities that broadband can provide."

Launched in June 2006, BT Total Broadband offers consumers the UK's best performing3, most comprehensive ADSL broadband service, all delivered through the revolutionary BT Home Hub. BT Business Total Broadband – unveiled in January 2007 – offers specialist services and support that meets the particular needs of UK businesses.

Customers have responded in droves to the offer of ultra-fast download speeds of up to 8Mbps, inclusive evening and weekend UK4 calls, a suite of security software, and BT Vision and BT Fusion. More than a million BT Total Broadband customers now own a BT Home Hub, and more than half of all new customers are opting for the higher value Option 2 and 3 packages.

BT's nationwide home computing help and advice service, BT Home IT Advisor, now boasts over 40,000 customers and has proven a massive hit with 96 per cent5 of customers satisfied with the support they get from it. BT Digital Vault, which gives broadband users an online store for their online movies, music, photos and documents, now has more than 125,000 registered users.