Customs Fail to Stop Global IPTV Delivery

UK based Global Digital Broadcast, the first internet protocol (IP) company to develop and supply fully-functional IP set-top boxes, has been contacted by a FedEx customs official following the first shipment of the boxes to clients in the USA.

The shipment, which was sent on 2 February 2007, was stopped at customs by officials who did not know what the boxes were. The FedEx official is quoted as saying; "I assume these set-top boxes are for watching digital TV." When Mr David Wray, spokesman for GDB, explained that the boxes enabled the global viewing of broadband content on television sets, the FedEx official is quoted as responding; "That's the first time we have ever heard of, or seen, these before."

Following the successful launch of the GDB AVEC set-top box in Las Vegas this year, the IPTV evaluation box is now available. This evaluation-box is the first of its kind and will enable developers and potential channel owners to create and manage own-branded content on television sets, making it the optimum way to prepare for IPTV.

Mr David Wray, co-founder of GDB, continues; "At first FedEx thought we were joking, but that is often the response from people when we tell them we have a working IP set-top box. Looks like the joke is on them and all the other naysayers, because now we are proving that our box exists and even customs are unable to stop us from getting them out there."