adds wikis to community toolchest

SourceForge, Inc. said it has teamed-up with Wikispaces to integrate wikis directly into, the world's largest repository of open source software. The addition of wiki functionality into gives the community a simpler and more efficient tool to mass-author the documentation and communication necessary to support its open source projects.

"Open source succeeds because of community," said Michael Rudolph, vice president and general manager, "Adding the collaborative power of wikis into what is already a vibrant community will create a better way for the members of to maintain their projects. Wikispaces gives us the ability to support the high volume of projects on the site and bring greater value to the open source community."

Wikis are dynamic web sites that allow multiple users to publish and edit content, increasing the flow of collaboration within an organization or community. Wikispaces' simple to use, simple to adopt and cost-effective wiki software was easily integrated into the existing infrastructure. SourceForge's use of wikis is believed to be the most extensive deployment of wikis to the open source development community.

"Our work with SourceForge demonstrates the power and value of Wikispaces for even the largest communities," said Adam Frey, co-founder, Wikispaces. "It also shows our ability to quickly integrate the world's easiest to use wikis with sites serving millions of users."

"It's a lot easier having all of our resources on one site instead of having a web site here, code repository there and wiki somewhere else," said Martijn Verburg, of the PCGen project hosted on "Consequently we've had far more people use the wiki hosted on than externally, which is good for the whole of our community."'s wikis are the latest collaborative tool offered by the open source software development site, which houses the world's most comprehensive library of open source code and applications. With over 1.5 million registered users, is a central forum for on-going project collaboration, issue management, and code development.

Wikis are available to all projects now. users can enable their wiki through the Administrator menus on their project pages.