Bulgarian hackers declare blog War on Macedonia

Reports suggest that Bulgarian hackers have attacked a Macedonian blog that they claim published an insulting photo collage of one of the death-sentenced Bulgarian nurses in Libya.

In what the Bulgarian hackers claim was a statement of electronic war against Macedonia, the blog site was wiped late last week.

Within a few hours, the site was back up with what the Bulgarians claim was an anti-Bulgarian blog with 22 offensive items about the country, its politicians, national heroes and its national anthem.

The Bulgarian hackers now claim to have blocked access to the entire server using a denial of service attack.

As you might expect, the Macedonian online community is up in arms about the incident, and various forums are now full of `are you looking at my pint?type of comments between the Bulgarians and the Macedonians.

The blogger at the centre of this crapstorm is Mile Stoykovski, a handicapped marathon runner for Macedonia who is currently trying to raise funds to take part in the upcoming Special Olympics in China.

According to Eastern European newswires, Stoykovski's blog contains a lot more insulting pictures, commentaries and materials with anti-Bulgarian contents.

His pages are said to mainly focus on anti-Bulgarian propaganda and Macedonian ultra-nationalism.

Hmm - sounds like a guy with a positive outlook on life...