DriveCrypt routes hackers to worthless information

A Munich-based firm called SecurStar reckons it has the answer to securing data on a company server in the shape of DriveCrypt, an interesting application that encrypts sensitive data on the company's hard drives, but also creates useless files that it points hackers at.

In use, DriveCrypt allows special folders to be created within a hidden hard disk partition and stores encrypted data within these folders.

During the folder creation procedure, DriveCrypt allows two passwords to be created - one secure, the other false.

This allows the company, for example, to publish the false password in its internal help files, and if a hacker breaks into the firm's computer system, entering the (false) password will route the hacker session to a set of dummy files.

Using this approach, the German company claims, can help to keep company files safes. The firm is also allowing a trial version - here - of its software to be downloaded for single PC usage...