At last, quality affordable subnotebooks...

asus eee

Computex Taiwan has seen a slew of impressive announcements. The Asus Eee Subnotebook has been one of the most innovative and the most promising. For too long, sub-laptops have defied the laws of manufacturing (lower BOM - bill of materials, cheaper prices). It's a good thing to see that laptop manufacturers have now decided to jump on the bandwagon.

The Asus Eee has a starting price of only £100 and although it does not come with Windows XP, its specifications are far from being puny. The Eee feels like a supercharged PDA with a bigger screen and a usable keyboard; as for the looks, well.... you would be excuse for mistaking it for a £1000 micro Apple Laptop. It is stylish, cute and above all piano white.

The entry level model will have an Intel CPU, a 7-inch LCD display, built-in wireless, webcam, sound, 512MB RAM and 4GB Flash memory. Initial tests put the battery life at 3 hours.

Understandably, Asus has decided to use a Linux Operating system rather than a Windows one in order to cut money and save on resources. However, expect a version of Windows XP (probably the embedded one) to appear very soon on the Eee.

Taiwanese firm, VIA, has a similar project called Nanobook in the pipeline as does Intel's rival, AMD. It will interesting to see how other hardware manufacturers are going to react to the launch of the Eee and the Nanobook; Are they going to join in or will they stubbornly toe the line... Stay tuned!!!