D-Link DKT-110 Starter Kit launched

D-Link, an end-to-end networking solutions provider, is making it easier for home users and small businesses to take advantage of the versatility and productivity benefits of Wireless G with the introduction of the D-Link DKT-110 starter kit. The router's stylish new design and compact size ensures that it complements any modern home or contemporary office environment, delivering style, speed and security to first-time network users.

The DKT-110 brings D-Link's 20 years heritage of building and developing networks, to home users and small businesses who want a simple, reliable and cost-effective way to connect to the Internet using Wi-Fi. As well as comprising a wireless 54G broadband router and USB adapter bundle kit, the DKT-110 also includes D-Link's renowned Click'n Connect software to enable users to be up and running in a matter of minutes.

Although primarily developed to help first-time users easily create a wireless network, the DKT-110's scalability means that the network can be extended to facilitate the sharing of files and the broadband Internet connection by several computers.

Based on the 802.11g standard, the DKT-110 starter kit offers a wireless signal rate of 54Mbps through its wireless channels. Both router and adapter are compatible with older 802.11b Wi-Fi devices and the router includes four Ethernet ports, allowing the user to connect computers, print servers or other Ethernet-enabled devices.

D-Link's unparalleled experience of network security has enabled it to integrate the latest and most advanced security features into the DKT-110. With online security a key consideration for home users and businesses, the router offers the latest security defence with its built-in firewall, making it more difficult for hackers to penetrate the network.

Standard features like content filtering, URL blocking, and robust domain blocking are essential tools to prevent browsing restricted sites. Strong wireless encryption and filtering capabilities are also included, meaning that the DKT-110 works to keep the user's network safe and secure.

Featuring a USB slot, the adapter can be used on either a laptop or a desktop PC, and also works with Apple Mac OS X 10.3 or later. The router demonstrates the flexibility required for SOHO environments as it can be used on any type of Internet connection, either based on ADSL (no modem included), cable or ISPs offering telephone or TV with the Internet access.

Designed to help beginners, and provide an easy set up procedure, the D-Link Click'n Connect wizard allows anyone without technical knowledge to install both router and adapter and to connect to the Internet within minutes, just by running the product CD*. In just a few steps, the user is guided through establishing physical connections (power and cabling), connecting to the ISP and installing the wireless adapter.

"With the launch of the Wireless G Starter Kit, D-Link has further demonstrated its commitment to providing home users and small businesses with easy-to-install wireless networking solutions," said Andrew Mulholland, D-Link's Marketing Manager for UK and Ireland. "As with all of D-Link's wireless products, the DKT-110 is perfect for those who are keen to enjoy the benefits of a robust and secure wireless network, and wish to have it up and running in minutes."