Spam holding steady at 88 per cent of all company email

Research released by SoftScan claims to show that 88.51 per cent of all email scanned by its servers during May was found to be spam, with virus levels tailing off slightly to 1.4 per cent.

The email security service provider says that, even with the arrest of super-spammer Robert Solway late last week, it does not think that spam levels will reduce any time soon.

Diego d'Ambra, the firm's CTO, said that some people are predicting that spam levels will drop with the arrest of the so called 'Spam King' late last week.

"However, I always think it's a mistake to underestimate a spammer - it's a sure fire way of finding yourself ambushed. Every business has a contingency plan and there is no reason to suspect that spammers are any different," he said.

According to d'Ambra, although it has been relatively quiet on the spam front for the past eight weeks, a sudden spike that caused a 25 per cent increase at the beginning of last week has shown that the spammers are still out there and mean business.

Interestingly, d'Ambra says he also believes that stories of image spam being replaced by links to picture Web sites is unlikely to work as a spamming tactic, since a link within an email is actually easier to detect than some of the more complex and sophisticated image spam seen today.

"My guess is that spammers do what they believe is best possible tactic - if image spam was a success they would stick to that," he explained...